Every traveler knows that endless hours on the plane, interrupted workout routines and limited access to healthy, good quality food while on the road takes a toll on the body and mind.

Surprised to find no centralized resource for frequent travelers on how to take care of myself and maintain my everyday habits while away from home, I decided to create one.

Travelle is the go-to site for all things wellness, beauty and style on the go. From finding ways to keep your skin intact in Sahara-like airplane conditions, getting over jetlag grumps, booking an emergency manicure in a new city, to what to bring in your carry-on on your next trip for a girls weekend or work conference.

Based between the US and Europe, I spend time in London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco among other cities, while somehow still find time and energy to travel for fun.

Here's to looking and feeling great wherever we're headed! Click here to learn more, meet the team and see where we were featured.