4 Hairstyles for the Airport (+1 Accessory)

By Emily Hein

One of the most difficult parts of traveling is getting your hair to cooperate for the entire day. From the airport, to all of the sites, stores, and restaurants, to business, to nightlife, to your hotel room, it’s harder than it seems to get you hair to look great for all of your pictures. Travelle decided to expedite this process for you; we’ve put together a hairstyle guide with examples of the perfect ‘do for every occasion. Try some out, snap some pictures, and let us know what you think! 

Dutch Braids

This look is for sure the trendiest of current hairstyles, and it’s perfect for a casual day. These braids are as easy to do as French braids, and they’re even easier to manage. This makes them the perfect pick to rock at the airport or as you’re out sightseeing. These braids will also look awesome with any of the 90’s trends we wrote about earlier this fall, so try these looks together to be the trendiest woman in whatever country you may be in. If you have trouble nailing these on the first try, check out this tutorial

Top Knot

This quick and easy bun is a perfect way to travel for business. It’s easy enough to throw up when you’re in a rush, and it looks presentable enough for you to rock your interview, networking, or whatever it may be. Just be sure to use as many bobby pins as you need, so your top knot doesn’t turn into a messy bun through all of the great things you’ll be doing. This one’s pretty easy, but we’ve linked another tutorial for you in case you need a little help. 

“Man Bun”
Despite the unofficial name this trend received with its popularity, this hair trend can be rocked by pretty much anyone! This is probably the easiest hairdo to master on the list, making it the perfect choice for a busy day of traveling, sightseeing, or shopping. You won’t have to worry about checking a mirror or going back to wherever you’re sleeping to fix your hair. Bonus – this ‘do looks great with pretty much any look, no matter how casual or formal it may be. Despite the ease of this look, here’s a quick tutorial just to make sure you have it down. It includes three options, so you’ll get some bonus tips from watching it! 

Classic Curls
For most people, curling your hair takes much less time than straightening it. Curls are great for any scenario, whether you want to dress up a sightseeing look, impress everyone at your meeting, or look great all through the night while you’re out with friends. Travelle’s pro-tip: curl just the bottom of your hair rather than your full head, so your curls don’t look too puffy. Make sure you use a smaller barrel for bouncy curls, or a bigger barrel if you want to rock some waves. Check out a tutorial here. 

Rock a Fun Hat
Ok, so this isn’t exactly a hairstyle, but trendy caps just like this one are so popular right now. Plus, hats let you avoid the need to have that perfect hairstyle, so they count, right? You can flawlessly pull off this perfect accessory during a day of sightseeing and shopping. Plus, they’re a great way to look trendy at the airport without having to stray away from being casual. Winter is coming soon for us, but if you’re traveling to a warmer place, you’ll have even more incentive to break out this look. 

Well, we hope that these tips can help you out when you’re feeling stuck on a hairstyle for your next trip. Be sure to check out our Instagram for more tips and tricks, and happy travels!